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The screen size calculator can provide you with the dimensions of the screen you are trying to configure.

Screen Size Calculator


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What is the aspect ratio?
What does a 5.8-inch phone mean?
How do measure a curved TV screen size?
How do I calculate the screen size?
How big is a 16:9 screen?
How wide is a 120 inch screen?
Have you ever wondered what does it mean that diagonal of the screen is equal to 40"? How much space does it take on the wall, what's its height and width? Here you can determine the monitor size or phone screen dimensions. If you're curious enough, you can even determine how to measure a curved TV screen size! Wondering what diagonal on the screen is equal to 40", how much space does it take on the wall, and what's its height and width? Well, wonder no more! This calculator can tell you all of that and more. Plus, it can give you information on the size of a phone or monitor screen. So if you're curious about any of these things, this is the calculator for you!

What is the aspect ratio?

Each device with a screen uses aspect ratio, but it doesn't always tell you the size of the screen. It only explains the proportion between the height and the width. So, to calculate the size, you need to use the aspect ratio and then divide the width by the height.

What does a 5.8-inch phone mean?

To understand whether or not that smartphone will fit in your pocket, you'll need to know the screen's width and height. In this example, we know that the screen measured 5.8-inches wide by 4.0-inches high and has a 16:9 aspect ratio - meaning it has twice as many pixels on the top and bottom as the length of the screen.

How do measure a curved TV screen size?

Similar to how we calculated a screen size for a flat monitor, our screen size calculator can also estimate a screen size for a curved monitor. Although the results might be slightly different, the process is basically the same. So, let's look at how to proceed when dealing with a curved monitor.
Curved screens come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you may want to know what they all have in common. The basic characteristic of a curved monitor is its diagonal - just like a flat one. You can measure the diagonal of a curved monitor analogously to a flat one. The only thing you need to remember is to touch the screen with a measuring tape. Curved monitors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but all of them have one thing in common: the screen has been tweaked to make the content look better. To put it another way, the curvature rating describes the radius of a circle that encompasses the screen. Imagine a monitor with a curvature rating of 1800R – this means that the radius of the circle is 1800 mm, and that this monitor will fit inside the circle. To compare curved screens of different curvature ratings, take a look at this image.
It's easy to calculate the length, height, and area of a curved TV screen using the same equations as for a flat one. First, measure the length, width, and depth of the screen. Next, use Pythagoras’ theorem to divide the length by the width and the depth by the height. Finally, use those results to solve for the area.
  • ₕₑᵢ₉ₕₜ ₌ ₔᵢₐ₉ₒₙₐₗ / √₍ₐᵣ²₊₁₎
  • ₗₑₙ₉ₜₕ ₌ ₐᵣ * ₕₑᵢ₉ₕₜ
  • ₐᵣₑₐ ₌ ₕₑᵢ₉ₕₜ * ₗₑₙ₉ₜₕ
  • One significant difference between curved and flat monitors is that the curved one occupies more space from a user's perspective perpendicular to the screen. This is done by stretching the screen horizontally. In contrast, the flat monitor is wider at the same height as the distance between the eyes of the user increases. We call these dimensions width and depth, respectively.
    There are several formulas for calculating the dimensions of a screen. We use the following two formulas in our screen size calculator: (screen length) ÷ (arc length of a circle) to find the base depth, and (screen width) ÷ (arc width of a circle) to find the base width.
  • base depth = radius * (1 - cos(length / (2 * radius)))
  • base width = 2 * radius * sin(length / (2 * radius))
  • How do I calculate diagonal screen size?
  • Get the measurements of the length and the width.
  • Get the square for bot measurements and add them together.
  • Calculate the swore root of the result.
  • The final number is the diagonal screen size.
  • How do I calculate the screen size?

    To find out the size of the screen, you must first measure its length and width. Then, divide the first number (the length) by the second number (the width). The result will be the screen size in units. If you'd like to find out the size of the screen's diagonal, you can use Pythagoras' theorem where a & b are the screen's length and width.

    How big is a 16:9 screen?

    When looking to purchase a monitor, the first thing to take into account is the screen's width and height. The monitor's width is simply the ratio of the screens width to its height, while the height is determined by multiplying the screens diagonal by 0.872. Once you have this information, you can also find the monitor's area by multiplying the width by the height.

    How wide is a 120 inch screen?

    A screen's aspect ratio (the number of pixels on each side of the screen) affects its width. A standard aspect ratio is 16:9, which means the screen has 4 more pixels on each side (for a total of 27) than a 4:3 screen. For a 16:10 aspect ratio, the screen will be 258 cm wide; and for an ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio, the screen will be 281 cm wide.
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