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The BSA calculator makes it easy to calculate your body area (BSA), which refers to the external surface area of the human physique in square meters.

body surface area (bsa) calculator

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The BSA formula
Calculating the BSA

The BSA formula

There are many ways to calculate the body's surface area. By default, our BSA calculator uses Du Bois as the most popular form. However, there are many BSA formulas. These include the Du Bois formula, Haycock, Gehan, George, Boyd, Takahira, and Shuter for both men and women. You only need your height and weight to use any one of these formulas. Let's look at some of them.
These are the formulas.
Du Bois: BSA = 0.007184 * weight0.425* height0.725
Mosteller: BSA (m²) = SQRT{{ [ height (cm) x weight (kg)] / 3600 }}
Haycock: BSA = 0.024265 * weight0.5378* height0.3964
Gehan and George: BSA = 0.51456 * weight* height042246
Fujimoto: BSA = 0.008883 * weight0.444* height0.663
Takahira: BSA = 0.007241 * weight0.425* height0.725
Shuter and Aslani: BSA = 0.00949 * weight0.441* height0.655
Schlich (women): BSA = 0.000975482 * weight0.46* height1.08
Schlich (men): BSA = 0.000579479 * weight0.38* height1.24

Calculating the BSA

Our BSA calculator is the easiest way to determine your body's surface area. To solve the equation, you will only need your height and weight. Once you have entered these values, the tool will automatically return a result.
Let's look at our previous example.
Weight in kg: 60
Height in cm: 170
These measurements give you a body surface area of approximately 1.68 square meters.
It is helpful to have an idea of the average BSA value in order to calculate your BSA. They can be divided into gender and age categories.
The average body surface area is for:
Infants: 0.25 m²
Children under 2 years old: 0.5m²
Children under 10 years old: 1.14m²
Women: 1.6m²
Men: 1.9m²

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