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Find out the optimal fat burning zone with this easy-to-use fat burning calculator.

Fat Burning Zone Calculator

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Target heart rate
A heart rate that burns fat
Fat burning zone calculator
What is zone 2 heart rate?

Target heart rate

Heart rate is an indicator of how hard your body works when you exercise. Target pace is where your heart rate should be while performing a particular activity. This will allow your heart to get the most benefit from your workout.
This theoretical range varies from one person to another and depends mainly on their age. However other factors, like their physical condition and previous training, may also be important.

A heart rate that burns fat

Perhaps you have seen the "fat-burning zone" written on ellipses, cycles ergometers, and other equipment. You might have wondered where this comes from. Here's the answer: The fat-burning zone is simply the range in heart rate that is optimal for fat loss. You can calculate it as between 60 and 80% of your maximal heartbeat.

Fat burning zone calculator

The fat-burning zone calculator estimates your target heart rate for weight loss using 3 different methods:
  • 60 to 80% of your Maximum Heart Rate
  • Zoladz Method determines your exercise zones using values subtracted from your maximum heart rate.
  • Karvonen. To calculate your target rate, you'll need to know your resting heartbeat (RHR), and a range from 60-80% for the intensity.
  • MHR-RHR is also known as a cardiac reserve.
    Maximun Heart Rate(MHR) = 220-age

    What is zone 2 heart rate?

    Zone 2 corresponds to 60% – 70% of an individual’s maximum cardiac rate (MHR). Light intensity training is done in this zone. It's below the aerobic threshold, but it still allows fat loss.
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