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The max calculator was created for any sportsman who wants to calculate their maximal aerobic potential.

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What is the VO2 maximum?
Calculator for VO2 Max
Test for VO2 Max

What is the VO2 maximum?

VO2 max is the equivalent of maximal aerobic capacity, maximal oxygen intake, or maximal oxygen consumption. This parameter indicates how much oxygen an individual is capable of using in a single minute. This parameter is used to measure physical efficiency, especially aerobic efficiency. It is also a reliable indicator of your endurance potential and a predictor of your future health. Many pieces of training are based on the VO2 max percentage value in order to indicate their intensity. Knowing your VO2 max is crucial if you want to train with a progressive, consciously-motivated attitude. You may find it useful to check your one-rep max if you are a more balanced athlete.

Calculator for VO2 Max

You have 5 options to calculate your maximum aerobic capacity using the VO2max calculator. Except for the first, each one requires that you perform a different test. Once you have collected the necessary data, all you need to do is enter them into the calculator fields. You will see your maximum aerobic capacity in ml/kg/min units immediately after. These methods are based on:
Value of resting heart rate
Test your walking ability for one mile
Test in 3 minutes
1.5-mile walk, run test
Indoor rowing for 2000m
The paragraphs below explain each method in detail. You should choose the test that is most convenient and easiest for you. You can also choose from a number of them and contrast the results. The results should not be too different, but they should be similar.

Test for VO2 Max

You can take a closer look at our aerobic capacity calculator's VO2max formula-based methods for estimating VO2 max.
Resting heartbeat value. This is the simplest, fastest, and most pleasant of all methods. It doesn't require any physical activity. Only count the heartbeats you make every 20 seconds when you are resting. This value, along with your age, can be entered into the calculator.
One-mile walk test. First, find a suitable location to walk exactly 1 mile (1609m). To measure the exact distance, you can use a GPS-equipped device. Do some stretching and warming up before you start the test. Next, set the stopwatch and start walking as fast as possible. Do not run. Stop the stopwatch at the end of the 1 mile and take a 10-second pulse. Fill in the information into the calculator. Also, enter your age and weight.
Three-minute step test. The test requires that you step up 16.25 inches (0.41m) above ground level. A stopwatch and a metronome are also required. Warm-up and do some stretching before you start the test. Practice stepping up and descending according to the following sequence: Left leg up, right leg down, left leg up, right leg down, left leg down, right leg down. During the test, you will continue to repeat this sequence for three minutes. For males, the metronome should be set at 96 beats per minute, while for females, it should be set at 88 beats/minute. Each beat of the metronome should be taken one step at a time. For example, the first beat will show you the left leg up, the second the right leg up and the third the left leg down. Stop the test after 3 minutes. Wait for 5 seconds, then check your pulse again for 15 seconds. Enter your pulse into the aerobic capacity calculator to choose your sex. Take a look at your results.
1.5 mile run or walk test. This test is designed to see how fast you can cover the distance. Walking and running are both allowed. Locate a suitable place to run and measure the distance. It should be approximately 1.5 miles (2414m). To measure your time, you will use a stopwatch. It might be helpful to do a few practice runs before you go. You will need to be able to expend energy while running the test. This could have an impact on your score. After the practice runs, take a break and then take the test. Before you start running, warm-up and stretch. Cool down for a few moments after the test. Enter your test result into the calculator to calculate your VO2 max.
Indoor rowing at 2000 m. This test measures your best indoor rowing time for 2000m. You should practice with this type of machine if you don't know what it is like. The damper setting will give you the best results of 2000m. You will need to choose your sex, your weight, and your training level in the calculator. If you've been regularly rowing for many years and have done a variety of types of training, we recommend 'Highly-trained'. If you're more like a fitness rower and enjoy exercising and rowing while not pushing your limits, is the best.

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