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This online tool will help you find your face shape based on measurements.

face shape calculator


face shape calculator


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Face shapes
Why is it important to have a good face shape?
Can braces alter your facial shape?
What is the difference between an oval or round face shape?
What is the difference between a rectangular and an oval face shape?

Face shapes

These are the seven Face Shapes.
The oval faces shape
The round shape of the face;
The oblong shape of the face (also known "rectangular")
The square face shape
The triangular face form.
The face form;
The Heart Face shape.

The oval shape of the face

Your oval facial size is if your length exceeds your width. Also, your cheekbones may be a bit larger than your jaw and forehead. Your forehead may be slightly higher, and your cheekbones might be more prominent.

The round shape of the face

Your face is round. your cheekbones should be approximately the same width as your forehead. Your hairline subtle, rounded lines.

The oblong shape of the face

The oblong shape is also known as rectangular is very similar to the oval. The main difference between an oblong and an oval face is that the cheek line in an oblong face is shorter and more straight.

The square face shape

To claim your face is so, you will need to be able to draw a straight line down its sides (from your forehead to your jaw). The strong and horizontal jawline should match the width of your face.

The triangle face shape

If your mouth is wider than your forehead, and you have no cheekbones wider than your chin, then your face is a Triangle. In fashion, this shape is known as a pyramid.

The diamond face shape

A diamond-shaped facial structure is one where your cheekbones and forehead are more prominent than your chin. Your facial lines are also more angular than those of an oval-shaped face.

The heart shape

Also known as an "inverted triangle", the shape has an equally wide forehead, cheekbones, and forehead, or a forehead slightly wider than the cheekbones. It is accented by a smaller chin.

How do you decide your face shape? What face shape should I choose?

Face shapes can be subjective. There are however general rules that can help you to decide your face shape.
A round face type might be for you if your face appears longer than its width and your forehead is wider than your jaw.
You might have an oval face shape if your face has a longer width than it is wide and your jaw is approximately the same width as your forehead.
If your face is twice as long as it is wide and your jawline and forehead are wider than your cheekbones, then you may have a circular face shape.
If your face is longer than it is wide, and you have a broad jawline, you may have a face form.
If your jawline extends beyond your cheekbones, your cheekbones exceed your forehead and your cheekbones extend above your forehead, then you may have a triangle-shaped face.
A Heart face shape is a form of the human heart if you have a narrow jawline and a forehead that is approximately as wide as your cheekbones.
If your jawline is narrow, your forehead is wide, and your features appear sharp, then you may have a Diamond face shape.

Why is it important to have a good face shape?

Being aware of your face shape is important if you want to look your best. Your face shape should be emphasized in your clothing. If your face is oval or round, you should wear angular glasses, hats, and vice versa.

Can braces alter your facial shape?

No, braces do not change your face shape. Braces that are large can make your jaw wider or add some angularity. Braces can only have a short-term, temporary, and insignificant impact on your smile. When they're removed, you'll have an amazing smile.

What is the difference between an oval or round face shape?

The circular face is round and resembles a circle. The oval is longer and more like an ellipse. Both face shapes feature softer ("rounder") features.

What is the difference between a rectangular and an oval face shape?

Both the square face shape and the oblong one are angular. however, has straight lines. The square facial shape is the longest, as is the long, oblong form. It is rectangular in shape.

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