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Get accurate and reliable results with this blood sugar converter/calculator. We use the universally recognized standard of measuring glucose levels in mmol/L. If you're more comfortable with the commonly used mg/dL unit, you can easily switch to that choice.

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Glycemia Definition And The Measurements
What Is Normal Blood Sugar?
How Can I Keep My Blood Sugar At A Normal Level?
Get accurate and reliable results with this blood sugar converter/calculator. We use the universally recognized standard of measuring glucose levels in mmol/L. If you're more comfortable with the commonly used mg/dL unit, you can easily switch to that choice.

Glycemia Definition And The Measurements

Glycemia is a crucial aspect of monitoring your health and refers to the presence and concentration of glucose in your blood.
Taking accurate blood sugar measurements is best done in serum, as capillary blood glucose levels tend to rise dramatically after meals. This is because glucose meters measure sugar from a sampling of blood rather than directly from the blood flow. Get reliable and precise results with our comprehensive guide to glycemia today.
Hypoglycemia is a serious condition that occurs when your blood sugar levels drop below normal levels. Many other outcomes, including muddled thinking, light-headedness, disorientation, seizures, and coma, could result from this. It's recommended to see a doctor if you've ever had concerns about your blood sugar levels. To ensure that your blood sugar levels are safe, strive for glycemia levels of less than 2.8 mmol/L (50 mg/dL) in individuals with normal blood glucose levels and less than 3.9 mmol/L (70 mg/dL) in people with diabetes. Take control of your health with our comprehensive guide.
Normoglycemia is a vital aspect of good health. When a doctor deems a patient's blood sugar level to be within the "normal" range, it is termed normoglycemia. Your doctor will determine the right range for you, but for non-diabetics, it typically falls between 2.8 and 5.5 mmol/L (50 to 100 mg/dL), and for diabetics, it is between 3.9 and 5.5 mmol/L (70 to 100 mg/dL).
Hyperglycemia is a critical medical condition that occurs when your blood sugar levels are higher than normal. A blood sugar monitor is an essential tool for measuring your glucose levels, and a reading of above 11.1 mmol/L (200 mg/dL) is considered hyperglycemic.
You may be wondering how our blood sugar converter functions. Here is a short breakdown of a glucose unit's protein, lipid, and carbohydrate composition.
There are two methods for measuring blood glucose levels: the one widely used in the United States and continental Europe and the international standard method. The international standard method is measured in mmol/L (millimoles per liter), whereas mass concentration is measured in mg/dL in the United States and continental Europe (milligrams per deciliter).
It is simple to convert between glucose units. We base it on the fact that 3.4 mmol/L equals 1 unit of glucose.
1 mmol/L = 18 mg/dL

What Is Normal Blood Sugar?

The body's homeostatic system typically maintains blood sugar levels within a relatively narrow range, usually between 4.4 and 6.1 mmol/L (79 and 110 mg/dL). However, the blood sugar level might briefly increase after eating, reaching 7.8 mmol/L (140 mg/dL). These values are regarded as normal in adults without diabetes.
The American Diabetes Association advises patients with diabetes to maintain blood glucose levels that are less than 10 mmol/L (180 mg/dL) after meals and within the goal range of 5.0 to 7.2 mmol/l (90 to 130 mg/dL) before meals. This helps avoid long-term health issues and maintain stable blood sugar levels.

How Can I Keep My Blood Sugar At A Normal Level?

  • Eat A Balanced Diet
  • Here is a comprehensive guide that will teach you all you need to know about maintaining a healthy and balanced diet: focus on incorporating complex carbohydrates such as dark bread, brown rice, and groats. Include fiber-rich foods such as vegetables and legumes, healthy fats such as plant oils, oily fish, and nuts, and protein sources such as legumes, fish, skim dairy, and lean meat. With our comprehensive guide to a healthy and balanced diet, you can get started on the path to better nutrition and a healthier lifestyle.
  • Maintain A Healthy Weight
  • If you are overweight, losing weight can reduce the risk of several chronic diseases. Overweight people have more fat cells and these fat cells often release hormones. These hormones increase the risk of developing diabetes. So, if you want to reduce your risk of these diseases, it is important to start losing weight as soon as possible.
  • Move a lot
  • If you are overweight and concerned about your health, losing weight can significantly lower your risk of various chronic illnesses, including diabetes. Overweight people have more fat cells, which produce hormones that increase the risk of diabetes. It is essential to begin your weight loss journey as soon as possible to protect your health.
  • Maintain A Schedule
  • Keeping a regular work schedule is key. Taking short breaks, such as a maximum of 30 minutes, can help you avoid negative effects like fatigue and decreased performance. Improve your work habits and ensure optimal productivity by maintaining a consistent work schedule.
  • Limit Alcohol Intake
  • Limit your alcohol consumption. Choose dry red wine over beer, sweet wines, and colored beverages if you wish to keep a healthy drinking regimen. These beverages are high in calories, which may rapidly pile up.
  • Get Enough Sleep
  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night to be more productive and stay fresh throughout the day. Nonetheless, there will be instances when you must put up with getting less sleep to fulfill a deadline or attend to other pressing obligations. However, as long as you're making an effort to work the required number of hours, you're on the right road.
  • Reduce Stress
  • Blood sugar levels can rise as a result of stress because the body responds by producing hormones. This may lead to cravings, weight gain, and other health problems. Learn how to regulate high blood sugar levels brought on by stress and take charge of your health.
  • Follow Your Doctor's Advice
  • It's critical to address the issue if your doctor diagnoses you with prediabetes. Take immediate action for a better future. With effort and commitment, you can successfully prevent diabetes. Though the change may not happen overnight, it is attainable.
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