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What is my Korean age?
Why is the Korean age different from the western age?
What is my international age?
Why is the Korean age important?
Why is age important in Korea?
How to say your age in Korean?
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What is my Korean age?

Your Korean age is calculated by using any of the formulas below:
1. Current year + 1 - Birth year = Korean age
2. Your age + 1 = Korean age
3. Simply use our calculator!
Let's say that you're 23 years old and want to calculate your Korean age manually; it will be 23 + 1, which is 24. So, your Korean age is 24.
Let's try a second example; if someone was born In 1980 and they want to calculate their age in Korea in the year 2012, they proceed as so:
2012 + 1 - 1980 = 33 years old in Korea
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Korean age system

Why is the Korean age different from the western age?

Westerns consider a newborn baby to be zero years old, but this is not the case in Korea as newborns are considered one year old. So this makes a one-year-old baby in Korea different from a one-year-old baby in western culture.
Another interesting fact about Korean culture is the time of the year you increase your age. In Korea, you increase your age count on the first day of the of every year (January 1st), not on your birthday. Birthdays are still celebrated in Korea, but they don't signify the day that your age increases. So the time so spent in the womb counts as the first year of your life, even though it was only 9 months.
Even though the Korean age is different from the usual age standards, it is still just a cultural matter and is not used in their passports or birth certificate.

What is my international age?

International age is the legal age used in Korea. It is the age used in certificates, passports, and education documents, the same as the western age.
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Why is the Korean age important?

Koreans pay particular attention to cultural matters and value them. The Korean age is a cultural matter, so it comes at no surprise that knowing your Korean age is important in Korea.

Why is age important in Korea?

As we discussed, knowing your Korean age is essential in Korea. Other than that, age is just generally crucial in Korea. Native Koreans will usually ask your age when initially meeting you for the first time. This is not just to see if you are of age or can drink alcohol; the reasoning for this is that there are different ways of addressing someone in Korean. So, for the natives to figure out how to address you, i.e., according to which formality, they will ask for your age.

How to say your age in Korean?

A Korean might use any of the questions below to to ask you "How old are you?":
Polite: 나이가 어떻게 돼요? (naiga eotteoke doeyo?)
Formal: 연세가 어떻게 되세요? (yeonsega eotteoke doeseyo?)
Informal: 몇 살이야? (meot sariya?)
When you want to say "I am \_\_ years old.", you will use either one of the statements below that mean "to be". Your age comes before the verb.
Polite: —— _이에요. (_ —— ieyo.)
Formal: —— 입니다. (\_\_\_ imnida.)
Informal: **_이야. (_** iya.)
Age| Korean| Pronunciation
1 year old| 한 살| han sal
2 years old 두 살| du sal
3 years old| 세 살| se sal
4 years old| 네 살| ne sal
5 years old| 다섯 살| da-seot sal
6 years old| 여섯 살| yeo-seot sal
7 years old| 일곱 살| il-gop sal
8 years old|여덟 살| yeo-dul sal
9 years old| 아홉 살| a-hop sal
10 years old| 열 살| a-hop sal
11 years old|열한 살| yeol-han sal
12 years old| 열두 살| yeol-du sal
13 years old| 열세 살| yeol-du sal
14 years old| 열네 살| yeol-ne sal
15 years old| 열다섯 살| yeol-da-seot sal
16 years old| 열여섯 살| yeol-yeo-seot sal
17 years old| 열일곱 살| yeol-il-gop sal
18 years old| 열여덟 살| yeol-yeo-dul sal
19 years old| 열아홉 살| yeol-a-hop sal
20 years old| 스무 살| seu-mu sal
21 years old| 스물한 살| seu-mul-han sal
22 years old| 스물두 살| seu-mul-du sal
23 years old| 스물세 살| seu-mul-se sal
24 years old| 스물네 살| seu-mul-ne sal
25 years old| 스물다섯 살| seu-mul-da-seot sal
26 years old| 스물여섯 살| seu-mul-yeo-seot sal
27 years old| 스물일곱 살| seu-mul-il-gop sal
28 years old| 스물여덟 살| seu-mul-yeo-dul sal
29 years old| 스물아홉 살| seu-mul-a-hop sal
30 years old| 서른 살| seo-reun sal
31 years old| 서른한 살| seo-reun-han sal
32 years old| 서른두 살| seo-reun-du sal
33 years old| 서른세 살| seo-reun-du sal
34 years old| 서른네 살| seo-reun-ne sal
35 years old| 서른다섯 살| seo-reun-da-seot sal
36 years old| 서른여섯 살| seo-reun-yeo-seot sal
37 years old| 서른일곱 살| seo-reun-il-gop sal
38 years old| 서른여덟 살| seo-reun-yeo-dul sal
39 years old| 서른아홉 살| seo-reun-a-hop sal
40 years old| 마흔 살| ma-heun sal
41 years old| 마흔한 살| ma-heun sal
42 years old| 마흔두 살| ma-heun-du sal
43 years old| 마흔세 살| ma-heun-se sal
44 years old| 마흔네 살| ma-heun-ne sal
45 years old| 마흔다섯 살| ma-heun-da-seot sal
46 years old| 마흔여섯 살| ma-heun-yeo-seot sal
47 years old| 마흔일곱 살| ma-heun-il-gop sal
48 years old| 마흔여덟 살| ma-heun-yeo-dul sal
49 years old| 마흔아홉 살| ma-heun-a-hop sal
50 years old| 쉰 살| swin sal
51 years old| 쉰한 살| swin-han sal
52 years old| 쉰두 살| swin-du sal
53 years old| 쉰세 살| swin-se sal
54 years old| 쉰네 살| swin-ne sal
55 years old| 쉰다섯 살| swin-da-seot sal
56 years old| 쉰여섯 살| swin-yeo-seot sal
57 years old| 쉰일곱 살| swin-il-gop sal
58 years old| 쉰여덟 살| swin-yeo-dul sal
59 years old| 쉰아홉 살| swin-a-hop sal
60 years old| 예순 살| ye-sun sal
61 years old| 예순한 살| ye-sun-han sal
62 years old| 예순두 살| ye-sun-du sal
63 years old| 예순세 살| ye-sun-se sal
64 years old| 예순네 살| ye-sun-ne sal
65 years old| 예순다섯 살| ye-sun-da-seot sal
66 years old| 예순여섯 살| ye-sun-yeo-seot sal
67 years old| 예순일곱 살| ye-sun-il-gop sal
68 years old| 예순여덟 살| ye-sun-yeo-dul sal
69 years old| 예순아홉 살| ye-sun-a-hop sal
70 years old| 일흔 살| il-heun sal
71 years old| 일흔한 살| il-heun-han sal
72 years old| 일흔두 살| il-heun-du sal
73 years old| 일흔세 살| il-heun-se sal
74 years old| 일흔네 살| il-heun-ne sal
75 years old| 일흔다섯 살| il-heun-da-seot sal
76 years old| 일흔여섯 살| il-heun-yeo-seot sal
77 years old| 일흔일곱 살| il-heun-il-gop sal
78 years old| 일흔여덟 살| il-heun-yeo-dul sal
79 years old| 일흔아홉 살| il-heun-a-hop sal
80 years old| 여든 살| yeo-deun sal
81 years old| 여든한 살| yeo-deun-han sal
82 years old| 여든두 살| yeo-deun-du sal
83 years old| 여든세 살| yeo-deun-du sal
84 years old| 여든네 살| yeo-deun-ne sal
85 years old| 여든다섯 살| yeo-deun-da-seot sal
86 years old| 여든여섯 살| yeo-deun-yeo-seot sal
87 years old| 여든일곱 살| yeo-deun-il-gop sal
88 years old| 여든여덟 살| yeo-deun-yeo-dul sal
89 years old| 여든아홉 살| yeo-deun-a-hop sal
90 years old| 아흔 살| a-heun sal
91 years old| 아흔한 살| a-heun-han sal
92 years old| 아흔두 살| a-heun-du sal
93 years old| 아흔세 살| a-heun-se sal
94 years old| 아흔네 살| a-heun-ne sal
95 years old| 아흔다섯 살| a-heun-ne sal
96 years old| 아흔여섯 살| a-heun-yeo-seot sal
97 years old| 아흔일곱 살| a-heun-il-gop sal
98 years old| 아흔여덟 살| a-heun-yeo-dul sal
99 years old| 아흔아홉 살| a-heun-a-hop sal
100 years old| 백 살| baek sal
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