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This percentage calculator is a free online calculator to calculate percentages. Find out what is X % of Y?

How much is X% of number Y?


What percentage is X of number Y?


Table of contents

What percent of X is Y
Why percentages are useful?
What is meaning of percentage?
Percent vs percentage
Percentage formula
Decimal fractions and percentages
History of percents and percentages

What percent of X is Y

This free calculator tells you the answer to the following question: what percentage of X is Y?

Why percentages are useful?

This tool will come useful in many situations in your life. For example all the sales in shopping malls have big signs about percent discounts and then you need to calculate yourself how much the product costs after the sale.
Learn about percents

What is meaning of percentage?

One percent is a hundredth of the original value. Percentages are usually marked with percent sign (%). As percents mean the part of the original thing, it is easy to find real world examples. For example you can visualize easily that one fifth of pizza is 20 percents.
All of the following mean the same thing:
5 percent = 5% = 0.05 = 5/100
Read from Wikipedia about percentages

Percent vs percentage

Usually word percent is used with a number. For example you can say:
Price decrease is 50 percent.
The word percentage on the other hand can't be used with a number. For example you can could say:
What percentage of the cars in the parking lot are blue?

Percentage formula

Formula for percentage can be written in many ways, but it will always have three values. Here is a one way to write down a percentage formula:
P × V1 = V2
P = percentage
V1 = 1st value that the percentage modifies
V2 answer
Learn from Wolfram about percentages

Decimal fractions and percentages

As percentages mean a portion of the original value, many times decimals are used to show the percentage value. Percentages can be converted to decimal fractions very easily. Just divide the original percentage value by 100 and you have the fraction! For example:
5% = 5 / 100 = 0.05
When percentages are presented as decimal fractions, zero means zero percent and one means hundred percent.

History of percents and percentages

Eventhough roman numerals were used in ancient rome for calculations, they often used fractions that were divided with 100. It was the same thing as what we are calculating with percentages nowadays. After romans, the fractions of hundred became a standard for calculations.
The term percent dates back to Latin word 'per centum'. This latin word literally means 'by a hundred'.
Nowadays the percent symbol is widely used in programming languages as an operator for computations. In most programming languages the percentage sign means a modulo operation.
How to calculate percentage in Javascript

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