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Calculate sample size based on the population size, confidence level, and margin of error.

Sample Size Calculator


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What is the definition of sample size?
Understanding sample sizes
Is it important to have a statistically significant sampling size?

What is the definition of sample size?

The number of responses you get from your survey is called the sample size. Because it is only a small percentage of the target population who are interested in your opinions and behavior, it's called a "sample". One way to sample is to use "random samples", where respondents are randomly selected from the entire population.
Let's take a look at the following topics with this definition.
There are many ways to interpret the results of your sample
This is the formula that calculates the sample size
It is important to have a sufficient sample size for a survey
What the importance of sample size differs between survey types

Understanding sample sizes

These are the key terms to help you calculate your sample size.
Population size is the total number of people living in the population you want to study. If you took a random sample from the U.S. population, your population would be approximately 317 million. The population size is also determined by the number of employees in your company if you survey it.
The margin of error: This is a percentage that indicates how likely you are to get your survey results to accurately reflect the views of the entire population. The lower the margin of error, you will be closer to getting the exact answer at a certain confidence level.
Sampling confidence level (or confidence): This is a percentage of how confident you are that the population will select an answer within a given range. A 95% confidence level, for example, means you can be 95% sure that the results are between x-y numbers.

Is it important to have a statistically significant sampling size?

The rule of thumb is that the larger your sample size, statistically speaking, the greater the significance of your results. This means that there is less chance of coincidence.
You might wonder if a statistically, significant sample size is important. It's an individual situation. Even if you don't have a large enough sample to represent the entire population, survey sampling can still provide valuable information. Customer feedback can be used regardless of whether you have a statistically significant sampling size. You can gain valuable insights from customers by listening to their opinions.
However, pollsters must be careful to select the right size sample to represent the population.

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