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Use this free circle circumference calculator to calculate circle radius, circle diameter, circle circumference, and circle area.

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How to use circle circumference calculator?
What is circumference?
What is a circle?
Relevant circle formulas
Circumference formula
Terms related to circles
History of circle

How to use circle circumference calculator?

To find out other circle parameters, you need to fill in radius, diameter, circumference or area. After that the calculator will automatically calculate the rest of the values for you.

What is circumference?

The circumference is the linear distance of a circle's edge. It means the same as the perimeter in a geometric figure. The difference of circumference and perimeter is that the term 'perimeter' is used exclusively for polygons.

What is a circle?

A circle is a simple closed shape that shows various concepts and different groups of people. It is a set of points in a plane that is equidistant from a given point. Circle diameters are twice the radius. They have to be equal to the distance between the center of a circle and the line that runs through it.
In Euclidean geometry, a circle is a simple curve that splits a plane into two regions: the interior and the exterior. It is commonly used to refer to the boundary of a shape, or to the whole structure.
A circle is a type of elliptical structure that encloses the most area per unit perimeter. It is usually defined as a two-dimensional shape with a central point and an eccentricity of zero.
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Relevant circle formulas

Here are the formulas which our circle calculator uses.

Circumference formula

You can use the following formula to calculate the circle circumference based on its radius.
C = 2πR
R = radius
Example of circle
D = 2 * R
C = 2 * π * R
A = π * R^2
R = radius
D = diameter
C = circumference
A = area
π = 3.141
What is circle in geometry?

Terms related to circles

Circumference is the distance between one circuit and the circle.
Diameter is the line segment that passes through the centre.
Center of circle is called an origo.
A circle is a shape composed of points that are at a distance from a given point. The distance between these points is called the radius.
A half-disc is a special case that shows the largest segment. The concept of the Tangent Circle dates back to the time when the earliest known civilisations were established.

History of circle

The circle has been known since ancient times. There are natural circles around the Moon and Sun, which can be observed by plants.
The circle has inspired the development of many scientific disciplines, such as astronomy and geometry. Its study has also helped explain the concept of divine or perfect geometry.
Plato explains the perfect circle, how it is different from words and drawings, and why it matters.
The varying worldviews of artists affected their perception of the circle. Some have focused on its central portion, while others have highlighted the democratic aspect of its perimeter.
The circle is a symbol of many sacred and spiritual concepts. It has been interpreted in various ways around the world.
History of circles

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