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This online tool calculates the remainder of a division.

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Example: 15 ÷ 3 = 5. The number that is being divided (in this case, 15) is called the dividend, and the number that it is being divided by (in this case, 3) is called the divisor.


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About Dividend, Quotient, and Remainder
What does a "remainder of 0" mean?
How does the remainder work?
Is it possible for 0 to be considered a remainder?
How do you transform a leftover into a whole number
What is a rest in a long division calculation?
Online remainder and quotient calculators allow you to divide two numbers. This calculator for long division with remainder solves all long division problems in a fraction of seconds.
We will be showing you how to do Long Division with a calculator, step-by-step, or using the steps. And much more about long divisions.
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About Dividend, Quotient, and Remainder

The following are the four most important values to be aware of in division:
Dividend: A dividend is a result of dividing a number.
Divisor: The number in which a division is performed is called the divisor.
Quotient: This is the result that you get.
Remainder: The remaining amount is called the remainder.
How do you divide step-by-step? This trick will help you master long division. Remember to use the acronym DMBS, which stands for:
D = Divide
M = Multiply
S = Subtract
B = Bring down
Here are the formulas you will need for this topic:
Dividend / Divisor = Quotient + Remainder / Divisor.
Dividend = Quotient * Divisor + Remainder

What does a "remainder of 0" mean?

It means that, when we divide, our divisors and quotients are factors of dividends. For example, if the dividend is eight but the divisor is 4, the remainder is zero. Thus, the factors of 8 can be summed up as 2 being a quotient and 4 being a divisor.

How does the remainder work?

The remainder refers to what is left after a long division process in mathematics. The dividend is the number to divide. The number by which you divide the dividend is indicated as the divisor. While the result is the quotient, it is the sum of the two numbers. The long division can be used to find the remaining division problem quickly.

Is it possible for 0 to be considered a remainder?

If one number divides another number ultimately, the remaining number is 0. Keep in mind that the remainder is always smaller than the divisor. If the remainder is less than the divisor, the division is incomplete.

How do you transform a leftover into a whole number

Place the remainder in the fraction as the numerator (or the top number). The next step is to place the divisor, or denominator, at the bottom, of the fraction. Multiply the quotient (or answer) by the divisor and then add the remainder to check your answer.

What is a rest in a long division calculation?

Long division cases are used for large numbers. You will find that the answer to a calculation is not always a whole number. In these situations, numbers are left and will be recognized as remainders. In such cases, the dividend's first number will be divided by its divisor. The integer result will appear at the top.

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