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What is the perimeter?
Definition of the word “perimeter”

What is the perimeter?

Perimeter measures the distance around a 2-dimensional shape.

Definition of the word “perimeter”

The word perimeter means a path that surrounds an area. It comes from the Greek word 'peri,' meaning around, and 'metron,' which means measure. Its first recorded usage was during the 15th century. In mathematics, the perimeter refers to the total length of the sides or edges of a polygon, a two-dimensional figure with angles. When describing the measurement around a circle, we use the word circumference, which is simply the perimeter of a circle.
There are many practical applications for finding the perimeter of an object. Knowing how to find the perimeter is useful for finding the length of fence needed to surround a yard or garden, or the amount of decorative border to buy to cover the top edges of a room's walls. Also, knowing the perimeter, or circumference, of a wheel will let you know how far it will roll through one revolution.

The perimeter of a square

For the perimeter of a square, use side x 4.
This shape is easy to calculate because you only need one measurement. This is a very simple calculation that doesn't require a calculator. However, it is rarely used in practical questions.

The perimeter of a rectangle

The formula to determine the perimeter of a rectangle's circumference is (width + Height) x 2.
For a rectangle, you need to measure its width and length. You should ensure that both measurements are in the same unit or convert one as needed. Because of its simplicity, measurements are simple to take. A perimeter calculator simplifies calculations only when the numbers get large.

The perimeter of a triangular

The easiest way to calculate the perimeter is:
side a + side b + side c

The circumference of the circle

The formula to calculate the circumference of an area is 2πr. However, the diameter of the circle can be written as d = 2r. r being the radius, and d is the diameter.
It is often easier to measure diameter accurately than radius in many situations. In many engineering schematics, it is the circle diameter that is used by default and not the radius.

Parallelogram perimeter

The formula to determine the perimeter of a parallelogram's perimeter is (width + height) * 2.
The perimeter of a parallelogram is calculated using the same formula that a rectangle. This is because the sides on either side are equal in length.

The trapezoid's perimeter

The formula to determine the perimeter of a trapezoid's trapezoid is:
base 1 + base 2 + side a + side b
A trapezoid requires more measurements because it is a more complicated form where each side can have a different length.

Circumference of an Ellipse (oval)

It is difficult to calculate the circumference of an Ellipse accurately, so there is no one formula.

Sector Perimeter

The formula to determine the sector's perimeter is 2 * radius + radius * angle * (π / 360).
The formula for calculating the sector's share of a circle is identical because it is only one part. The complexity comes with the calculation of how many circles a sector is responsible for.

The perimeter of an Octagon

For the perimeter of a regular Octagon, side * 8 is the formula.
This shape is the easiest to calculate the perimeter of. It requires only one measurement, and you can simply multiply by eight to get the result. In engineering, landscaping, gardening, and architecture, you may encounter regular octagons.

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