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This calculator will help you find the LCM or LCD for a particular set of numbers.

Least common multiple calculator

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Table of contents

How to Find LCM Using Multiple Listings
How to find LCM using Prime Factorization
How to find LCM through Prime Factorization using exponents
How to find LCM using the Cake Method (Ladder Method)
Venn Diagrams to Find the LCM
How to Find LCM Of Decimal Numbers

How to Find LCM Using Multiple Listings

Each number has multiples. List them until at minimum one appears on all your lists
Find the smallest amount that appears on all the lists
The result is the LCM.

How to find LCM using Prime Factorization

Find all the prime elements of each number.
You should list all prime numbers, in order, they are most common for any given number.
Multiplying the prime factors will yield the LCM.
The LCM (a,b), is calculated by finding prime factorizations of both a & b. For LCM of more numbers than 2, use the same process.

How to find LCM through Prime Factorization using exponents

Find all the prime elements of each number and write them in the exponent.
List all prime numbers you find, with the highest exponent.
Multiply the list of the prime factors with exponents together to obtain the LCM.

How to find LCM using the Cake Method (Ladder Method)

To find the LCM for a set number of numbers, the cake method uses division. Because it's simple division, people use the ladder or cake method to find the LCM.
The cake method can be used to find LCM using the same method as the ladder, box, factor box, and grid methods of shortcuts. Although the boxes and grids may look different, they all use division of primes to find LCM.

Venn Diagrams to Find the LCM

Venn diagrams look like overlapping circles. They are used for illustrating common elements or intersections between 2 or more objects. Venn diagrams are used for finding the LCM. Prim factors of each number are called the groups and are placed among overlapping circles. These circles show the intersections between the groups. Once you have completed the Venn Diagram, you can find your LCM by finding the union between the elements of the diagram groups and multiplying these together.

How to Find LCM Of Decimal Numbers

Find the number having the highest decimal place
Count the number decimal places contained in that number. Let's just call it D.
For each number, move the decimal D positions to the right. All numbers will turn into integers.
Find the LCM in the set of integers
To make your LCM, move the decimal D positions to the left. This is the LCM you need to use for your original decimal numbers.

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