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This expected value calculator helps you to calculate an expected value (also called ​mean) of the given variable set with their probabilities.

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How to do expected value calculation?
What is the expected value?
Expected value formula
How to use the expected value calculator?
How to find the expected value?
Can expected value be negative number?

How to do expected value calculation?

To find an expected value for your values, just input the values with their probabilities to our expected value calculator will calculate the result for you!
To help you get started with the values, we have created an article from which you can learn the formula and the definition of expected value, and how you can calculate them by yourself.

What is the expected value?

The expected value means an approximation of the mean of a random variables. Expected value is a prediction that what the average would be if we would repeat the calculation infinitely.

Expected value formula

By mathematical definition, the expected value is the sum of each variable multiplied by the probability of that value.
Have a look at the formula:
∑(xi * P(xi)) = x1 * P(x1) + x2 * P(x2) + ... + xn * P(xn)
Meaning of the symbols in the formula:
∑ - Sum of all elements i
xi - Value of each individual variable
P(xi) - Probability of value xi
n - Total number of all variables

How to use the expected value calculator?

First you need to choose how many random variables you want to have. After that you need to input all the variables and their probabilities to the fields, and our calculator will show the result of expected value for you!
Please note that the probability must be between zero and one. One means hundred percent and zero means zero percent. Sum of all the probabilities must be exactly one.

How to find the expected value?

To find the expected value for given variables, you can use the following expected value formula:
E(x) = x1 * P(x1) + x2 * P(x2) + ... + xn * P(xn).

Can expected value be negative number?

Yes! The expected value can also be a negative number. If even some of your variables are below zero, it means that the expected value can be negative.

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