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What is a ratio, and how can it be used to your advantage?
Screens and Videos in Typical Aspect Ratios & Sizes

What is a ratio, and how can it be used to your advantage?

A ratio is a relationship between two numbers that indicate how many times one number can contain another. Ratios are used every day, and it is easy to see why. It is possible to demonstrate this by giving half as many cookies to a child-like his sister. Even though the child may not be able to use ratios to justify his injustice, the raucous protestations that would likely ensue will make it evident that he was aware that he had received 1:2 as many cookies as his sister.
As you can see, ratios can often be written as two numbers separated using a colon. They can also appear as "1-to-2" or as a fraction half. To get the numerator, the ratio refers to the number multiplied by the denominator. In this instance, it is 1/2. Suppose the first number in the equation is larger than the second (e.g., If the ratio is 2:1, two can contain 1 or 2 times. Some ratios have more than one term.
Ratios are used frequently in everyday life. They can be used to describe the odds of something happening and to describe rates such as those in finance. For example, let's say a person wants to make five cakes. Each cake would require a ratio of butter: sugar/flour. The ratio can be easily calculated to calculate the amount of butter, sugar, and flour required. Five times the ratio will give you a 5:10 to15 ratio. You can multiply this number by how much sugar, flour, and butter are used in your cake recipe.

Screens and Videos in Typical Aspect Ratios & Sizes

The aspect ratio measures the ratio of different sizes for a geometric shape. If a rectangle is considered rectangular, its aspect ratio is its height to its width. Aspect ratios can be used for tire sizing or paper sizing. They are also commonly used in standard photographic print sizes and tire sizes. But the most common use of aspect ratios is for computer screen dimensions, cell phone screens, and video sizes. Below are some examples of typical aspect ratios and screen resolutions for computers.
Name Aspect ratio Width (pixel) Height (pixel)
480p 3:2 720 480
576p 5:4 720 576
720p 16:9 1280 720
1080p 16:9 1920 1080
2160p (4K UHD) 16:9 3840 2160
4320p (8K UHD) 16:9 7680 4320
8640p 16:9 15360 8640
SVGA 4:3 800 600
WSVGA ~17:10 1024 600
XGA 4:3 1024 768
XGA+ 4:3 1152 864
WXGA 16:9 1280 720
WXGA 5:3 1280 768
WXGA 16:10 1280 800
SXGA (UVGA) 4:3 1280 960
SXGA 5:4 1280 1024
HD ~16:9 1360 768
HD ~16:9 1366 768
SXGA+ 4:3 1400 1050
WXGA+ 16:10 1440 900
HD+ 16:9 1600 900
UXGA 4:3 1600 1200
WSXGA+ 16:10 1680 1050
FHD 16:9 1920 1080
WUXGA 16:10 1920 1200
QWXGA 16:9 2048 1152
WQHD 16:9 2560 1440
WQXGA 16:10 2560 1600

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