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Table of contents

What is a cone?
What is volume?
Truncated cone volume (volume of frustum)
Oblique cone volume
Manually calculate a cone volume.
Relationship between the volume of a cone and a cylinder
What is the volume of a typical ice cream cone?
Conversion table and units of volume

What is a cone?

A cone is solid with a circular base and one vertex.
A cone with a polygonal basis is known as a pyramid.

What is volume?

The volume describes the space that an object, or substance, takes up. The volume of the container is a measure of its capacity. This does not necessarily refer to the amount of space it takes up. SI unit for volume is Cubic meter (m^3).

Truncated cone volume (volume of frustum)

A truncated cone is the cone where the top has been cut off and the height cut perpendicular. Calculating the frustum volume can be done by subtracting the smaller cone volume (the cut) from, the larger base volume. Or you can use the formula:
volume = (1 / 3) * π * depth * (ᵣ² + r * R + R²)
R: radius of the base of the cone
r: top surface radius

Oblique cone volume

An oblique cone is a cone whose apex is not above the center of its base. It is inclined to one side, similar to the oblique cylindrical. The cone volume formula for the oblique cone will be the same as the right one.

Manually calculate a cone volume.

These are the steps you need to follow in order to determine the volume of cones:
  • Find the base for the cone. Find it if you don't know the cone's base radius.
  • Find the height.
  • The convex volume formula will be applied. Use volume = (1 / 3) * a * h, if you know your base area or volume = (1 / 3) * π * ᵣ² * h.
  • Relationship between the volume of a cone and a cylinder

    A cone and a cylinder should have the same height and radius at the base. The volume of the cone will equal one-third of the volume of the cylinder. This means that you would need three cones to fill this cylinder. This same relationship applies to the volume of a pyramid or a prism, given that they both have the same height and base area.

    What is the volume of a typical ice cream cone?

    Although the size of an ice cream waffle can vary widely, there are some sizes that can be considered to be common:
    Radius Height Volume
    1 in 6 in 6.3 cu in
    3 cm 11 cm 34.6 cm³
    2.5 cm 11.5 cm 30.1 cm³
    1 7/8 in 4 5/8 in 9.1 cu in
    1 3/16 in 6 in 7.5 cu in

    Conversion table and units of volume

    These are the most popular units of volume:
  • Metric volume units
  • Standard US, UK
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