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Table of contents

The volume of a Cube
What is Volume of Cube, and How Does It Work?
The volume of Cube Formula
Side Formula for Volume of Cube
How can I determine the volume of a Cube?
The volume of Cube Using the Edge Length
The volume of Cube Using Diagonal
Fun facts about Cubes

The volume of a Cube

The cube's volume refers to how many cubic units it occupies completely. A cube can be described as a three-dimensional solid figure having six square faces. Volume can be described as the space that an object takes up. An object that has a greater volume will take up more space. Let us now examine the volume of a cube, along with the formula and examples that we have solved.

What is Volume of Cube, and How Does It Work?

The volume of a cube represents the amount of space that a cube takes up in three dimensions. A cube can be described as a 3-D solid object with six square faces. Each side has the same length. The cube can also be called a regular hexagon and is one of the five platonic strong shapes. The (unit^3, or cubic units) is the cube's unit of volume. The SI unit for volume, the cubic meter (m^3), is the volume of a cube whose sides measure 1m. The USCS units are inches^3 or yards^3.

The volume of Cube Formula

With different formulas and based upon the parameters, we can calculate the volume of any cube. It can be calculated by using the cube diagonal's length or side length.

Side Formula for Volume of Cube

By multiplying the length of an edge three times, you can calculate the volume. If the cube has an edge 4 inches in length, its volume will be 4^3. The formula to calculate the volume of a cube can be found here Volume of cube = s^3 where “s” is the long side of the cube.
These steps explain how to determine the volume of a cube by formula.
  • Consider any square-shaped, unbound sheet of paper.
  • The area occupied by this square sheet is its surface area. Its length is multiplied by the width. A square has the same surface area as a square. The length and breadth of the two sides are equal.
  • A cube can be created by stacking multiple square sheets of paper on top of one another. The height will equal the length and breadth.
  • This determines the height of the cube or its thickness as “s.”
  • So, the cube’s total surface, also known as the volume, is equal to the base area divided by the height.
  • How can I determine the volume of a Cube?

    Simply by knowing the cube's length and the diagonal, you can determine its volume. This section will provide information on different methods to calculate cube area depending on the given parameters.

    The volume of Cube Using the Edge Length

    Since all sides of a cube measure the same, we only need to be able to calculate the cube's volume. You can calculate the volume using the cube's side length.
  • First Step: Measure the cube side-by-side.
  • Second Step: The formula to calculate the volume is based on the side length. Volume = (side)^3.
  • 3rd Step: Provide the final answer together with the cubic unit(s) that will be used to represent the volume.
  • The volume of Cube Using Diagonal

    Given the diagonal, the steps below can be followed to find the volume for a cube.
  • Step 1. Measurement of the diagonal for the given cube.
  • Step 2. Find the volume using diagonal. [3x (diagonal)^3]/9
  • Step3: Display the obtained result as cubic units.
  • Fun facts about Cubes

  • A cube is a three-dimensional shape with all the right angles and equal height, width, and depth.
  • A cube is composed of 6 faces.
  • A cube is made up of 8 points (vertices).
  • A cube has twelve edges.
  • Cubic is a term that refers to things that look like cubes.
  • A cube is a unique geometric shape that can be classified into several groups, including regular hexahedrons and platonic solids.
  • A cube is a cuboid that has the most significant volume and largest surface area.
  • The majority of dice are cube-shaped and have the numbers 1 through 6 on each face.
  • You can make 11 different nets by folding the six square faces of a cube.
  • A square can be compared to a cube in many ways but in only two dimensions.
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