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Margin Of Error Calculator

This calculator calculates the margin of error for surveys based on sample size and proportion. It also allows you to set the desired level of confidence.

Margin of Error Calculator

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Calculator for Margin Of Error
Statistics: The Margin for Error
What is the margin for error in a survey?
Where is the margin for error applied?
Other types of error

Calculator for Margin Of Error

This calculator calculates the margin of error for surveys based on sample size and proportion. It also allows you to set the desired level of confidence.
You can use this calculator to calculate the MOE with just four steps
You can choose the level of confidence by using the drop-down list
First, determine the sample size. Next, calculate the percentage.
If necessary, please provide details on the population size
To generate the outputs click on the "Calculate” button

Statistics: The Margin for Error

Research surveys are most often based on information collected from a subset of the population. This is in contrast to a full population (a census). Since the sample is representative of the whole population, there are likely to be errors not in the calculation but in the sampling. The sampling error is due to the fact that not all individuals within a population were included by researchers. The MOE represents the maximum deviation between sample results and the full population. It makes sense that the MOE also appears as a percentage.

What is the margin for error in a survey?

The margin of Error, also known as a confidence interval, is a statistical measure of the difference between survey data and population value. It's expressed in percentages. The margin of error, also known as a confidence interval, is the statistical measurement of the difference between survey results and the population value.
A survey requires a small group (your respondents) to represent a larger group (the target market, or total population). The margin of error is a measure of how effective your survey is. Your results should be more representative of the population than the margin of error. The larger the margin of error is, the more they could be off the view of the entire population.

Where is the margin for error applied?

The margin of error can be used when there is a probability sample or random sample. This means the sample has not been drawn from the entire population. Every member of that population has a probability of being included.
It's unacceptable if the sample has not been randomly selected, as in the case of an opt-in panel.
A Research Panel Sample is typically a standard quota sample. This means that participants are chosen for their unique characteristics. Respondents volunteer to be part of the panel in exchange for benefits.
Margins of error are a commonly used term but they have a specific application in survey and market research data.
Here are a few scenarios in which there is a margin of error:
A sports team maintains a complete list of all people who have purchased tickets to their games in recent years. The margin of error for the percentage of fans can be calculated if they randomly select the population to survey.
An organization has a complete staff list. They survey a random sample of these employees to determine if they prefer an additional day of vacation or a small amount of bonus pay. They can report on the margin of error in determining which option they prefer.

Other types of error

The margin of errors in the level you place on your results. This determines the sampling error which you should expect based on the sample size. However, there are other types of survey errors that could affect your results. These include coverage error where the sample doesn't reach the population that you are interested in, non-response, which occurs when respondents opt not to participate in your survey, as well as measurement error which may be due to issues with the questionnaire.

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