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Kayaking Burned Calories Calculator

this online tool will help you calculate the number of calories you burn within a certain timeframe when you go kayaking.

Kayaking Calories Burned Calculator


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How many calories can you burn kayaking?
Kayaking can burn between 375 to 475 calories per hour for the average person.
You can burn more calories kayaking depending on your weight, how far you go, how fast you go, and the terrain. For a 200-pound (90.8kg) person, kayaking will require moderate effort and burn 477 calories per hour. An individual of 150 pounds will burn 358 calories in an hour doing the same activity.

How many calories can you burn kayaking?

Calories burned per Minute = (MET x bodyweight in Kg x 3.5) / 200
The energy cost of physical exercise for a given time is measured in "MET". The chart below will show you how to find the activity's MET.
A task with an MTE of 1 is approximately equivalent to the energy required by a person sitting still at room temperature and not actively eating food.
A task with a minimum energy requirement of 2 uses twice the energy of a task that has a MET greater than 1. Tasks with METs of 10 use 10 times the energy of tasks with METs of 1.
The MET values do not account for differences in body weight, adiposity, and age. They also don't take into account differences in movement efficiency, geography, and environmental conditions. Individual differences in energy expenditure can make it difficult to determine the true cost of an activity. The Compendium does not provide a means MET level.

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Published: Tue May 31 2022
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